SHARP VIDEO is a proprietary concern owned by Mr. G.C.Shenthil who possesses 15 years of valuable service in the entertainment industry.

He fondly remembers the great time he has had in "Five Star Audio" as marketing executive for 10 years. He is profoundly grateful for the knowledge and experience he gained there and the inspiration he got to become a businessman in casset industry.

SHARP VIDEO gets licence from the original producers of VCD's and markets them in India and abroad. It procures, theatrical rights for all over India. Besides Audio & Video Sales and Marketing, the company also possesses Mobile Phone Ring tone copyrights and is also engaged in producing Private Albums, Devotional & Classical songs and many more.

The are embedded in our constitution. But there are instances when these sacred principles are heartlessly thrown to winds by those in authority and, most pitifully even by common citizens. Such happenings have led to a need to have an organization which will readily come forward to protect the interests of a common Indian and save him from losing his life, property and above all the most valued self-respect.

SHARP VIDEO, a non-profit organization has been started with the above noble purpose and its mission is to safeguard the interests of every ordinary citizen of the country and help them to have a decent livelihood too.
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